Summary of Warcraft’s Class Design

The long awaited class design and balance Q&A takes place today, Friday the 23rd, on the WoW Subreddit starting at 1:00PM Pacific.

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Join us on Friday, June 23 start at 1:00 pm PDT (4:00 pm EDT) on the World of Warcraft subreddit where members of the World of Warcraft development team will be answering your questions on class design, item design, Artifacts, and PvP balance.

To participate, just head over to We’ll be answering as many of your questions as we can, including the ongoing goals for class design and balance in the Legion expansion, the approach to classes and honor talents in PvP, and how it all ties in with Artifacts, Legendaries, and other items.

We’ll be digging in to your questions until approximately 3:00 pm PDT, so don’t miss out!

The Developers answering the questions will be:

We’ll be compiling and organizing the questions by class and topic in this post. Some questions here have been edited for length, but not the answers. For the multi-paragraph questions, please click on the link to each individual question. Edit: after a break, the devs returned around 7pm PST for several more replies on Demon Hunters and Windwalkers.


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