Our Dear Smiffy

We are devastated to announce the sudden passing of our beloved Smiffylldor, Druid of druids. Legend of Legends. May you rest in peace. Smiffy was the guy who everyone could always rely on. He was always happy to lend a helping hand, always calm, kind and generous. He never talked trash about anyone, and was always a pillar to lean on. He enjoyed the game, and made the game enjoyable for so many people.

Smiffylldor Legend of Legends

Smiffylldor Legend of Legends

Even though we only knew him on line, he touched so many people with his sweet soul. Smiffy leaves a gaping hole to his family and friends, but also to his online friends, with whom he had spent a lot of his time. Some people used to jokingly call him Smurf – because he embodied a lot of those ideals. We miss you Smiffy, you left us far too soon.If anyone would like to contact or send a gift to Mrs Smiff and Junior Smiff, please contact Qumarobi for details. Thank you to Smiffy’s family for sharing Smiffy with us, he was loved by all.

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