Controlled Kaos Guild 10th Anniversary

Coming up: Our guild’s 10th Anniversary is on 5 July of this year! Sad that Smiffy cannot share this milestone with us, but still looking forward to it as he would have wanted us to. Not many guilds reach this milestone. And we are Barthilas Alliance! We are the survivors of survivors. Who else plays on a PvP realm that is 27:1 odds and still endures? Congratulations everyone. I am proud of us all.

Qumarobi Pet Smiffylldor

Qumarobi Pet Smiffylldor

Note: I am happy to help and advise anyone who is yet to complete the “Celestial Tournament” (pet battling) to get – Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen. I named mine after Smiffy, since it’s a glowing feral kitty…. More or less 😊

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