Controlled Kaos Website & Social Media Channels

Surprise! Our Very Own Website! Bet you weren’t expecting this 😀  Muchas Gracias Whistlar, our in-house web-developer / social media person for doing almost all of the work putting this together. What a way to celebrate our 10th birthday, by finally creating a proper website.

Controlled Kaos Barthilas Website Launch

Controlled Kaos Barthilas Website Launch

All other previous websites started and forgotten years ago are officially retired (none of you knew about them anyway right?).  Our Facebook is being kept alive solely for the purpose of – you using messenger to contact me – if you so desire. We also now have our own YouTube and Twitter channels.

Thanks to our brilliant planning, you should find glorious and useful …. Things…. On this web site 😊

If you have some brilliant piece of wonderment that you wish to upload or share, or any other suggestions or queries please contact either the aforementioned guild web-master, or, yours truly, the cutest gnome mage there is.

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