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Controlled Kaos’ New Raid Loot System for Antorus, The Burning Throne

New Raid Loot System

As discussed yesterday,  we will be implementing a new Raid Loot System – EPGP (Effort Points Gear Points)
The new system is:
1. Personal Loot for the first two times a boss is killed
2. Change to EPGP from the third kill onwards


EPGP Raid Loot System 

EPGP = Effort Points Gear Points. It is a system SIMILAR but NOT the same as DKP.
A few of you will be familiar with EPGP as we have used it a long time ago. Its advantages are its transparency and fairness as it takes into account many variables (which are set by us).

For those of you who are not familiar with it, this is a quick rundown on how it works.

How EPGP Works

EPGP Player Loot Window Roll

EPGP Player Loot Window Roll

This is how EPGP works: When a piece of loot drops – you will be able to roll Mainspec, Minor upgrade, Offspec or Greed. Obviously if people have rolled Mainspec, then the other rolls will be ignored. If many people rolled Mainspec – Priority rating will then determine who is awarded the loot.

Priority Rating

Viewing Guild Members EP GP PR

Viewing Guild Members EP GP PR

What is PRIORITY RATING? Each person has a PRIORITY RATING. This is what determines whether you or someone else will receive a piece of loot that you both roll on. Priority rating is the number you get when your EFFORT POINTS is divided by your GEAR POINTS.

Award of Effort Points

Effort points are awarded for reasons. We decide what these reasons are, and how much these reasons are worth. This is something that we will need to decide before we implement this system.

EPGP Reecurring Awards

EPGP Reecurring Awards

As an example: The last time that we used this, we awarded:

  • 2000 EP for each 1st boss kill
  • 1000 EP for each farm boss kill
  • 100 EP for a stack of 200 mats
  • A value of EP for
    • On time raid attendance
    • Staying on through the raid (e.g.every hour)
    • Staying till the end of the raid
    • Each of the weekly guild contributory events (first 7 dungeons, first 3 Mythic+, first raid boss etc)
    • Other guild services – example guild alt and guild achievement runs
For number locked raids (10 / 25 in the old days – 20 Mythic now) people who come to raid but sit out certain bosses when too many attend – are also awarded the same EP as attending those boss kills

Award of Gear Points

Lootmaster View When Awarding Loot

Lootmaster View When Awarding Loot

Gear points are awarded when you win loot that is for your MAIN SPEC. Off spec loot is not penalised as we do not want loot to be wasted. How many gear points are awarded is decided by us. We chose the numbers. In the past, we have given different pieces of loot have different values. Obviously tier pieces and trinkets are worth more than boots.

As a random example – if you win tier or a trinket – you might be charged 2000 GP, if you win another piece of loot, you might be charged 1000 GP, if you win a main spec minor upgrade, you might be charged 500 GP etc.

Other Images of Views from the EPGP Addon

Reasons for New Raid Loot System for Next Tier, T21

For the last few expansions we have been running Personal loot, and master loot only towards the end of a tier to allow people to complete Tier Sets.
A new loot system has been proposed for the following reasons:
  • Limit wastage of loot that cannot be traded due to:
    1. Higher ilvl (unwanted stats)
    2. No other member of the specific class being present (Tier pieces)
  • Smarter distribution of loot:
    1. As obtaining gear would attract a penalty, people would consider if the gear is truly a significant upgrade, rather than just trying to collect everything to the detriment of others who actually need it.
    2. Limit RNG, and spread the luck to the raid.
      • Rather than 1 person winning 3 of the same piece of loot 3 raids in a row, loot is now spread across the entire raid.
      • Presence of MasterLoot provides the potential ability over-ride. If there is a particular piece that is particularly of value to a particular player – it can be awarded thus.
      • Requires raiders to take more responsibility and know what loot they need / want, rather than just trying to collect everything and later work it out.
  • Aid faster progression: Progression works best when the top dps (dps or smarts) are geared first.
  • Reward loyalty and reliability
  • Avoid the recurring situation where people come in – are geared up – ahead of the “core” team and then – inexplicably leave
  • Promote team spirit

On the other side of the coin – it is acknowledged that Personal Loot – does have more loot actually dropping. This is most beneficial at the start of a tier.

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