Controlled Kaos Heroic Kiljaeden Kill Shot

Controlled Kaos Downs Heroic Kil’Jaeden

Controlled Kaos H 9/9

The team started with a fun Normal Tomb of Sargeras alt-run, and ended with a Heroic KJ FIRST KILL!
After weeks of trying, we were right on the gold.

How We Down Kil`Jaeden

We coordinatedly soaked every Armageddon meteor, shared Focused Dreadflames, dispersed Bursting Dreadflames’ AoE (Area-of-Effect), and banished the Reflected souls of Christopherz and Recargoss. When engulfed in darkness, Banokles spared no time hunting Illidan down first, and we destroyed every Shadowsoul to banish Darkness, and regain the Light.

We followed on to stand as a team, and overcame the Darkness of a Thousand souls together. Flaming Orbs were kited to the Tear Rifts (by our mages Auríana & Qumarobi) and finally, after rendering KJ with less damage dealing abilities, we deftly outmanoeuvred his Demonic Obelisks and caused KJ’s demise.

Controlled Kaos Heroic Kil’Jaeden First Kill Shot

And here it is, our kill shot.

Controlled Kaos Heroic Kiljaeden Kill Shot (Photo credit Auriana)

Controlled Kaos Heroic Kiljaeden Kill Shot (Photo credit Auriana)

Some dedicated and/or attributed the kill to Recargoss’ feasts, some to Crazymunkee’s cauldrons, and one or two to Theomastix’s love for Deathstance.It also could be said, Auríana’s picture share before the raid was the good omen

All in all, was a great night of fun runs. A special note of acknowledgement and thanks to Jeratha and Maplepaws – our honourary guild friends and co-raiders.

Thanks and congratulations to everyone. Well-deserved progession win.

And we shall do it again next week.

GM Note of Acknowledgement and Thanks to All Raiders

Go Team! Congratulations to our loyal and persistent raiders, both those who could and those who couldn’t make it to this first kill. Thank you to everyone who contributed be it providing mats, cauldrons, feasts, leadership, those who did the leg work and those who kept our spirits high through progression. There are too many of you to name without leaving people out, but you know who you are. Thanks also to our friends Maple and Jera for coming along. For those who couldn’t attend this run, don’t’ worry, we got your backs. We will do this all again on Monday! Congratulations everyone on a well-deserved kill. Lots of love and lots of pancakes – out.

P.s Top Tip 1. Stand in the right place – always The right place may change – the tip does not.


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