Controlled Kaos

Birthed in ‘The Burning Crusade’, Controlled Kaos is the oldest active guild on Barthilas Alliance.  It is also one of the largest surviving guilds.  Controlled Kaos was founded by two groups of real life (RL) friends / relatives, along with multiple in-game friends.  Consisting at that time of both Vanilla WoW players and some new BC players, Controlled Kaos was initially a break-away guild from Epillari Iluminati which later realm-changed to another server.  The current Guild Master (GM since Wrath of the Lich King) is the sibling of one of the original Guild Masters who has semi-retired from wow.

Surviving on Barthilas as Alliance is a treat. We are still here partly because we love this realm, and partly because we are too stubborn to move to another server as so many other Alliance guilds have done.  Although I should say, some of us have not yet mastered the art of 5v1 PvP, with us being the outnumbered.  Consequently, our members are friendly, helpful, hardy and robust.  Our goal is to have fun while clearing content.  In such a contracted population – getting along – is a must.  Most of our members have stood that test of time.  Those who cannot get along usually move along as they will.  Help or advice is usually available from guild mates.

We raid current content.  Due to the contracted nature of the population, we sometimes have not been able to run Mythic Raids simply because there aren’t enough like-minded people on Barthilas Alliance. This is especially true as we were one of only two guilds to clear the heroic tier in good time.  Bearing this in mind, we have reached out to any like-minded alliance members on Barthilas and also enticed friends from other servers to come back to Barthilas.  We look forward to this current tier and have high hopes for this tier being well prepared to take it into Mythic.  We are happy to talk to other Barthilas Alliance guilds who are interested in raiding normal or heroic, though we reserve our mythic spots for guildies at this point in time.

PvP is done on a casual basis.  We have some guild members who partake in arena and BG’s and they do attain the relevant rankings and titles.  As a guild, we do not run rated BG’s.  There is one PvP guild on Barthilas Alliance – which is not us.  Though we do have friendly conversations with them from time to time.

We have a lot of casuals and alts in the guild.  Casuals are generally welcome to come along to normal or alt raids, though most would not progress through heroic.  The main difference between Casuals and Raiders – is that casuals don’t do progression raiding.  Though many do take the opportunity to attend once something is on farm.  Otherwise the guild is inclusive, with levelling, WQ, Mythic+ dungeons, other fun stuff – being done by anyone, without segregation or discrimination – just don’t be shy.

Last few expansions and new people – come online and meet us!

Guild Mistress

Old timers from formation – Ciccio, Rimorso, Tupol, Shortwitch, Hasufein